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Cabin filters

GB-9914PRO_3-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom.pngBIG Filter Company started manufacturing cabin filters in 2003.

BIG Filter cabin filters have both high quality and attractiveness by price. It is the first time over many years in Russia that there have appeared filters of such high quality at low price. From the moment of appearance BIG Filter cabin filters have gained well-deserved popularity among car-owners.

Own laboratory provides for all the main kinds of tests for cabin filters developed by the Company, in accordance with ISO 71460, ISO 5011 and GOST 8002 standards.

Today BIG FILTER cabin filters are available in 4 modifications, which depending on the used properties of the materials differ in the air purification degree.

Antidust filters
They remove pollen and dust particles, using a mechanical method of filtration. They are marked without additional letters, for example: GB-9892.

Carbon filters
In addition to mechanical purification, they neutralize unpleasant smells and harmful substances due to the adsorptive properties of activated carbon. They are marked with the index C (Carbon), for example: GB-9892/C.

Antibacterial carbon filters

1. A – filters provide the high air purification degree to protect the health of the driver and passengers.  An example of marking: GB-9892/CA.

In addition to the properties of the cabin carbon filter they have the effect of "three A":
- Antibacterial.
- Antifungal, anti-mildew.
- Antiallergenic.
The listed properties of A-filters are due to the use of an additional antimicrobial protective layer, tested for compliance with international standards:
- ISO 846 A - fungal growth test
- ISO 846 C - bacterial resistance
- ISO 20743 / JIS L 1902 - antibacterial protection of textiles.

2. PRO filters (GB-9926PRO)
New technology of air filtration in the car cabin. The new filters have additional advantages that will be appreciated by the most demanding car owners.
  1. Three times the content of coconut charcoal for more effective retention of carcinogens (compared to the content of coal in other popular carbon filters).
  2. Increased density of nonwoven fabric to stop even more small particles in the air.
  3. Innovative impregnation to protect against the development of microorganisms that cause the spread of viruses and allergic reactions.
The range of BIG Filter air cabin filters has been increasing permanently for all the major local and foreign car makes. 
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