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General information

BIG Filter Company aims for long-terms cooperation with suppliers, which is basis for success in business.

We expect from our partners mutually beneficial price offer, in-time delivery, compliance of supplied products and services with highest requirements by quality, safety and ecology.

Understanding that quality of purchased materials and services is an important factor influencing BIG Filter product quality, we require that our suppliers should have their own production and that they should organize operation in accordance with ISO 9001.

Supplier's readiness for regular evaluation procedure is also an essential condition for permanent cooperation.

In order to provide fair and equal conditions for suppliers, the company routinely arranges purchasing on tender basis. Information about tenders and participation rules are in the section of the same name.

Considering necessity to provide for reliable channels of delivery, we are looking for constant expansion of alternative supplier base. We always strive to develop and adhere to the concept of sustainability, guided by the “Code of Conduct for Business Partners” developed by Volkswagen. We also strive to develop all of our partners throughout the supply chain and work with suppliers committed to complying with the requirements of this code and to improve.

If you are interested to cooperate with BIG Filter please send a message with short information about your Company and products to

You'll get a questionnaire for filling in detailed information about your Company as potential supplier for BIG Filter. After internal coordination procedure we'll be ready to start negotiating details.


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