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karburatorniy.jpgCarburetor and diesel filters are made of high-strength non-inflammable and petrol-proof plastic. Each filter passes leak and strength test. Transparent housing makes it possible to trace soiling level. Filters are waterproof, ensuring efficient corrosion prevention for all the engine systems.

Carburetor filters have normative capacity for 15.000 — 20.000km. Filters vary in design, structure and connecting dimensions. The majority of Russian passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and minibuses have 8mm diameter pipelines, some have 6mm ones. Filters with 7x9mm dimension are recommended for firm mounting in worn-out hoses.

Position (tilt) of filter or incomplete filling by fuel doesn't affect filtration quality or engine operation.

Filters with sedimentation tank (like GB-215) are mounted vertically, ensuring dirt and water settling on filter bottom and petrol retention in fuel system at long-time stops.