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With End Strip GB-98006/CA

Group Cabin Filters
Type With End Strip
Height, mm 30
Lenght, mm 216
Width, mm 200
Status available
Completeness 1 pcs.
Attention! This photo is for informational purposes only. Differences from the posted image are allowed, which do not affect the quality and functionality of the product
Модель Год выпуска
VK45DE 235(320) FX 45 (S50) 01/03 09/08
VQ35DE 206(280) FX 35 (S50) 01/03 09/08
Модель Год выпуска
VQ35DE 172(234) 3.5 V6 (Z50) 03/05  
X-Trail I (T30)
Модель Год выпуска
YD22ETi 100(136) 2.0 dCi (T30) 09/03 06/07
QR25DE 121(165) 2.5i (T30) 09/02 06/07
YD22DDTi/Eti 84(114) 2.2 DI Turbodiesel (T30) 05/01 10/03
QR20DE 103(140) 2.0i (T30) 05/01 06/07
SR20DET 205(280) 2.0i Turbo (T30) 10/01 06/07
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