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Boris Beylin

President of BIG Filter Ltd


Short biography

Higher education. Boris Beylin graduated from Bryansk Institute of Transport Machinery Construction in December 1966. Profession by diploma: technology of machinery construction, metal cutting machines and tooling.

Engineering service started right after graduation at Leningrad plant of ship armature from February 1967. Boris Beylin worked as workshop technologist, head of workshop tooling bureau.

From 1971 till 1973, following draft, he served in tank regiment as company commander deputy by technical issues.

After service in the army he returned to the plant, first as technical designer, then as head of tooling bureau for a while and then as head of cutting laboratory.

In 1983 Boris Beylin started private enterprise activities in repairing all kinds of cars, including welding and full car body painting.

In 1987 he founded one of the first cooperative societies in the city by car repair and in 1988 Boris Beylin founded another cooperative society which transformed into BIG Filter Company afterwards. 



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